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Incipia is a growth consultancy that leverages a unique, in-house expertise across marketing, development, and data analysis in order to build and scale marketing campaigns. Through our work creating, managing, and innovating on marketing strategies, we have built up a formidable expertise in marketing management and a deep knowledge of how today's algorithmically-driven auctions operate. Our approach is data-driven, and we have consistently proven KPI-validated ROI for our clients, from CPI, to CPA, to LTV, to ROAS.

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Our Work

A team dedicated to improving our craft, we take care to continually research the latest technologies, obsess over the quality of our work and perfect the techniques we use to craft high-performing marketing campaigns across ASO and advertising. Visit our contact page to discuss how we can help you accomplish your mobile app goals.

Our Work
Our Work


Recruiting company, Carbon Three, wanted a new mobile platform that was differentiated from services already in-market, which would add value for its business clients, in order to better retain and acquire new business. To solve these needs, Incipia created the Boj student mobile application, employer website, and custom back-end infrastructure with a criteria-matching algorithm.

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Our Work


In May 2017 PeopleFun contracted Incipia to manage their marketing strategy for a new game, Wordscapes, across ASO, Google, Facebook, and Apple Search Ads. Over months of management, Incipia has been able to boost Wordscapes' organic downloads, consistently exceed PeopleFun’s CPI and retention goals, and help PeopleFun explore and scale ad campaigns driving 100%+ ROAS.

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Competing with the likes of Trello, Jira and Asana, Gone is a mobile-born project and task management, team collaboration tool. Design agency Mediasans, hired Incipia to build and launch the Gone iOS MVP app.

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Who We Are

Established as a nights-and-weekends operation in late 2013 and officially launched in 2015, Incipia is a 100% bootstrapped company with a shared, deep-rooted drive to establish a world class mobile consulting brand. We seek ambitious and like-minded co-workers to join us and clients ready to challenge us to out-do ourselves on new opportunities. Contact us at: Hello@incipia.co


Co-Founder & CEO

Leading marketing and business development at Incipia, Gabe has a strength in building, executing on, and analyzing solutions to problems and opportunities. Prior to Incipia, Gabe managed digital marketing campaigns as a search advertising account manager at Microsoft Bing Ads, where Gabe worked with over 150 clients including Airbnb, the NHL and Spotify and managed annual ad budgets of over $21 million.


Co-Founder & COO

Greg leads product and operations at Incipia, with a natural strength in extracting the details from a vision, architecting a plan, and optimizing implementation. Prior to Incipia, Greg established his development expertise in clean code architecture and paradigms by developing image/video processing and screen capturing software at TechSmith.


Lead Insights Manager, ASO

As Incipia's lead Insights Manager Scott paves the way to assessing the success of Incipia's marketing strategies, including dashboard buildout, and trend visualizations and correlation analysis. Scott also leads special projects such as LTV and regression analysis and the exploration of advanced analytical tools to give Incipia an edge in consistently meeting and exceeding client goals.


Account Manager, ASO

As Incipia's ASO account manager, Cortney aligns internal resources to best meet client needs and ensures tasks and client deliverables are completed on-time and to satisfaction. Having managed projects at several different companies including HP, Cortney is experienced in setting goals and leading teams to achieve the right results.


Insights Manager, Advertising

As an Insights Manager at Incipia, Hannah provides key support for Incipia's advertising clients by transforming problems into questions and using detailed data analysis and statistical modeling to provide answers and actionable solutions. With a Master's Degree in Marketing Analytics, Hannah has developed advanced analytical skills in R, SQL, Excel and Tableau. Hannah is passionate about data and marketing, as well as combining the two to ensure that Incipia's clients achieve successful marketing outcomes.


Account Manager, Advertising

As Incipia's advertising account manager, Dan coordinates internal resources on the advertising front and works to ensure that ad campaigns are kept well-tuned and running smoothly and that performance scorecards are either green or else actively being optimized. An Agile Certified Practitioner, Dan draws upon prior experience managing large technology projects with multi-million dollar budgets in the financial services and international trade industries.


Internal Project Manager & Delivery Lead

As Incipia's delivery lead, Nikolai uses his knack for execution to drive ASO deliverables to "done and accepted." Well-versed in the field of project management, Nikolai is an Agile Certified Practitioner and Certified Scrum Master and runs internal project needs. Nikolai is genuinely passionate about planning, from abstract concepts to granular details – he’s always there to ensure that Incipia is delivering value to its clients, on-time.


Full Stack Developer

Leif is Incipia's full stack and lead Back End developer, powering the parts of projects that enable them to not just get off the ground, but scale and grow. Leif gains pleasure from pushing the limits of making technology work for people and bringing things to life that don't yet exist, while also honing his technique and contributing new tools to the mobile community at-large.


Marketing Research Intern

Natalie supports Incipia's ASO operations by performing app and keyword research, analyzing A/B test results, and also conducting qualitative research and survey work. Since high school Natalie has been fascinated with how marketing can impact a business, and her passionate for combining data, digital and marketing communications has been solidified by over two years of professional work experience. Outside of Incipia, Natalie enjoys every last minute of her senior year in college, where days consist of class, binge watching Netflix with her roommates and spending time with friends.


Lead Branding Designer

Javier is Incipia's new lead branding designer, leveraging a graceful touch and mastery of branding concepts to revitalize branding and design at Incipia. In addition to a natural talent, Javier harnesses experiences forged across diverse distribution mediums to lend flexibility to his style, and his cohesive designs resemble works of art.


Dynamic Asset Designer

Matjaz designs video assets such as App Store preview videos and Facebook videos, with a specialty in designing custom animations, 3D animations, and motion graphics.


Static Asset Designer

Mike designs static assets such as screenshots and Facebook banners, with a specialty in designing custom illustration, icon, and UI design.


Static Asset Designer

Andy designs static assets such as screenshots and Facebook banners, with a specialty in graphic design and UX/UI design.



Amanda works on special development projects, contributing to Incipia's internal marketing technology stack.

Full team bios coming soon!

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