Apple Search Ads

What are Apple Search Ads?

Think Adwords for the App Store.

Search Ads are Apple's take on monetizing the App Store, and represent an excellent opportunity for iOS marketers. By placing ads above keyword searches, Apple allows marketers to pay to "skip the line" and capture a #1 ranking immediately.

Search Ads also have implications for ASO strategy, as downloads influence app category and keyword rankings, among other benefits such as informing you of which organic keywords are beneficial to rank for.

Search Ads generate excellent results, we've seen them firsthand. But, it requires implementing the right account structure, diligence in optimizing bids and search terms and other techniques to scale a Search Ads campaign while also retaining a high ROAS.

Avoid wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars learning the hard way. Contact us for a quote for managing your Search Ads campaigns and we'll provide you with a free account audit.

Why should you trust your Search Ads campaigns to Incipia?

Incipia is a Search Ads pioneer and thought leader:

• Through webinars, website posts, Quora, Twitter, YouTube videos and Apple's own search ads forums, we've educated thousands of marketers on the nuances of a proper Search Ads strategy.
• We have experience managing Search Ads campaigns for close to 50 apps across a bevvy of different app categories.
• We have a dedicated Apple Search Ads account manager.
• We're able to help you create reports that properly attribute Search Ads cost data to post-install revenue/KPI data to properly analyze and optimize your campaigns.

If you'd like to learn more about our management fees, contact us at

Freebie – Tell me My Competitor's Target Keywords

If you want to manage your Search Ads campaigns solo, enter in your competitor(s) URLs and we'll help you figure out what keywords your competitors are optimizing for.

We also recommend you contact us for a 1:1 coaching session, to make sure you're leveraging the best practices and tricks of the trade.

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Search Ads Campaign Management

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We're also available for 1:1 coaching.

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