Our Work

Our work covered management of advertising channels such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Snapchat, and others, own creative production, and provide analytics consulting (organic uplift, LTV analysis, cashflow modeling, etc.).

Our Work

Who We Helped

"Working with Incipia to manage and optimize our campaigns enabled us to focus on our product and grow our broader marketing effort."

Client: PeopleFun

"It feels like Incipia is another member of my team, not a third party."

Client: Canva

"Incipia is unique in the agency model by nature of its insatiable appetite for data and its willingness to meet & honor KPI goals above all else. Incipia is an honest, client-focused firm that has consistently achieved results for us."

Client: Candywriter

"[Incipia] completely overhauled our Apple and Google search accounts, leading to a 3x increase in scale while improving efficiency"

Client: Peloton

"In the past we had never been impressed with 3rd party creatives, but this is some of the best creative we’ve ever seen."

Client: Bird

Our Journey Has Come to An End

As of February 2021, our journey at Incipia has officially concluded. Co-Founders Gabe Kwakyi and Greg Klein would like to sincerely thank our team, clients, and partners for five and a half wonderful years of learning and growth, and wish everyone the best of success in their future endeavors. Established in 2015, Incipia was a 100% bootstrapped company with a shared, deep-rooted drive to establish a brand of world class status in mobile consulting and marketing thought leadership. Our mission was to help our clients achieve their full potential with our holistic approach to app growth. Our vision was to lead the companies of today into the markets of tomorrow. The company values that supported our team cohesion and happiness included awareness, curiosity, courage and humility.


Co-Founder & CEO

Gabe led marketing strategy and business development at Incipia. As a senior mobile marketing strategist by trade, Gabe’s marketing methods are a unique blend of curiosity and data-driven thought leadership. Dedicated to constantly evolving Incipia’s marketing techniques, Gabe co-authored the world's most comprehensive book on Advanced App Store Optimization and wrote over 300 posts on mobile marketing.


Co-Founder & CTO

Greg led development operations at Incipia. A senior full-stack developer by trade, Greg drew on a natural strength in extracting the details that matter from any vision, which comes in handy leading engineering and architecture for Xyla, which was Incipia's reporting and automation tool that supports Incipia's services teams and clients. Prior to Incipia, Greg established his development expertise in clean code architecture and paradigms by developing image/video processing and screen capturing software at TechSmith.

Who We Helped

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