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Incipia is a full-service mobile app marketing strategy, analytics and creative agency that's always pursuing new techniques to improve our clients' results. We're also powered by our engineering team and product, Xyla: a reporting & analytics tool built by marketers, for marketers.

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Our Work

Our work covers management of advertising channels such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Snapchat, and others, own creative production, and provide analytics consulting (organic uplift, LTV analysis, cashflow modeling, etc.). Email projects@incipia.co to learn more about working with us.

Our Work

Who We've Helped

"Working with Incipia to manage and optimize our campaigns enabled us to focus on our product and grow our broader marketing effort."

Client: PeopleFun

"It feels like Incipia is another member of my team, not a third party."

Client: Canva

"Incipia is unique in the agency model by nature of its insatiable appetite for data and its willingness to meet & honor KPI goals above all else. Incipia is an honest, client-focused firm that has consistently achieved results for us."

Client: Candywriter

"[Incipia] completely overhauled our Apple and Google search accounts, leading to a 3x increase in scale while improving efficiency"

Client: Peloton

"In the past we had never been impressed with 3rd party creatives, but this is some of the best creative we’ve ever seen."

Client: Bird

Our Services


Incipia marketers are KPI-focused mobile app user acquisition specialists who have built, scaled and evolved mobile app advertising campaigns that drive significant bottom-line business impact for client businesses.


Incipia creatives include mobile format-fluent art directors, motion and graphic specialists who have spearheaded and produced creative campaigns that concisely convey marketing messages with style and have wowed both marketers and brand leads alike.


Incipia analysts are well-versed in applying statistical methods of analysis to addressing business questions and have helped to refine the way clients determine marketing KPIs, unlocking material, incremental budget allocations along the way.


Xyla engineers are technical experts who are adept at synthesizing reporting & analytics needs into roadmaps and executing against those roadmaps to build enablement tools that power the data-driven decisions made by Incipia's team and clients.

Who We Are

Established in 2015, Incipia is a 100% bootstrapped company with a shared, deep-rooted drive to establish a brand of world class status in mobile consulting and marketing thought leadership. We seek ambitious and like-minded co-workers to join us and clients ready to challenge us to out-do ourselves on new opportunities. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their full potential with our holistic approach to app growth. Our vision is to lead the companies of today into the markets of tomorrow. The company values that support our team cohesion and happiness include awareness, curiosity, courage and humility. Contact us at: careers@incipia.co if you have an interested in joining our team. We look forward to hearing from you.


Co-Founder & CEO

Gabe leads marketing strategy and business development at Incipia. As a senior mobile marketing strategist by trade, Gabe’s marketing methods are a unique blend of curiosity and data-driven thought leadership. Dedicated to constantly evolving Incipia’s marketing techniques, Gabe co-authored the world's most comprehensive book on Advanced App Store Optimization and has written over 250 posts on mobile marketing.


Co-Founder & CTO

Greg leads development operations at Incipia. A senior full-stack developer by trade, Greg draws on a natural strength in extracting the details that matter from any vision, which comes in handy leading engineering and architecture for Xyla, which is Incipia's reporting and automation tool that supports Incipia's services teams and clients. Prior to Incipia, Greg established his development expertise in clean code architecture and paradigms by developing image/video processing and screen capturing software at TechSmith.


Managing Director

As Incipia's managing director, Nikolai manages the day-to-day operations of the company, leveraging his knack for execution to ensure our teams are evaluated against client scorecards and improvement plans are slated as appropriate. Nikolai is an Agile Certified Practitioner and Certified Scrum Master and is genuinely passionate about planning, from abstract concepts to granular details – he’s always there to ensure that Incipia is delivering value to its clients, on-time.


Director of Finance

As Incipia's director of finance, Oliver brings a wealth of financial modeling and analytics expertise to heading up Incipia’s financial and business strategy. Before Incipia, Oliver worked in financial services and corporate development helping clients and his team identify and solve business problems in an M&A context. Using this hybrid business lens, Oliver evaluates methodologies and prioritizes for timely delivery of analyses to inform paid marketing campaigns and app store optimization strategy.


Senior Art Director & Creative Manager

Victoria manages Incipia's creative team. As a Senior Art Director, Victoria owns creative production for advertising clients, distilling client feedback and goals, research, and marketing signals into succinct creative briefs aimed at stopping thumbs and invoking action. Victoria's background in illustration, combined with experience as a marketing designer for mobile app, Mango Health underpin Victoria's diversity of digital design knowledge, including UX/UI, ads, and emails. Her passion for design is fuel in Incipia's fire to become a thought leader in the creative industry, and a consultancy renown for its novel and data-driven approach to marketing design.


Marketing Strategist

As a Marketing Strategist, Natalie owns marketing strategy and campaign management for Incipia's clients. With a diverse set of mobile experience spanning ASO, A/B testing, paid marketing, and analytics, Natalie brings creative ideas to discussions, planning sessions and implementation. For years Natalie has been fascinated with understanding how marketing can impact a business and has a passionate for combining data, digital and communications-thinking.


Creative Producer

As Incipia's creative producer, Devon instills organization into the team's processes and plays a central role in managing the creative team's workload. Devon's guidance facilitates the flow of creative feedback and deliverables, and ensures that assets are delivered to specification and schedule. Before Incipia Devon optimized website content and structure updates at MRM // McCann for a large auto brand. Devon is a passionate about growth, learning, and optimizing her full potential, and in her spare time optimizes social media and Etsy accounts.


Senior Motion Designer

Chris brings a senior designer's expertise to team Incipia, having spent years polishing his craft of technical motion and custom animation design skills, as well as 3D, in the freelance world with clients including large automakers and sports networks. Chris's work leaves a lasting impression from first glance, and Incipia's clients tout Chris's work as some of the best they have ever seen.


Motion Designer

Martina supports Incipia's advertising and creative clients in producing motion assets layered with purposeful animations, and working with Incipia's marketing and insights teams to iterate on successful creative concepts. With a natural touch, Martina is able to bring any design to life, from a simple shape to a full character. In Martina's creative hands, anything can have a personality! Martina's experiences working in commercial as well as 2D animation for brands including Vonage and Culturelle help her to bring to life what clients are looking for.


Data Analyst & Project Manager

As a Data Analyst at Incipia, Jake helps Incipia's teams and clients answer questions on their campaign performance and potential performance through analyses as well as dashboard build outs. Jake also leads project management for Xyla, Incipia's internal reporting and automation tool, prioritizing the development backlog based on Incipia and client needs. Prior roles working at mobile ordering firm, LevelUp and Quicken Loans empower Jacob's work at Incipia with a valuable set of experiences in business research, data visualization, and communication to key stakeholders.


Full Stack Developer

As a Full Stack Developer at Incipia, Leif powers the parts of projects that enable them to not just get off the ground, but scale and grow. Leif gains pleasure from pushing the limits of making technology work for people and bringing things to life that don't yet exist, while also honing his technique and contributing new tools to the mobile community at-large.


Web Developer

As a Web Developer at Incipia, Mike builds out interfaces for reporting and automation tools. Prior to Incipia, Mike worked as a software engineer at a startup that developed connectivity products for the Internet of Things. Outside of work, Mike enjoys working on his house and tinkering with hardware, including programming Raspberry Pi devices.


Audio Engineer

As Incipia's audio engineer, Nico taps into a boundless creativity to produce custom music and sound effects based on the unique needs of each of Incipia's motion design projects. Nico draws on experience writing songs and playing in bands throughout his life as well as working in the music industry in Los Angeles.

Who We've Helped

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