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5 Examples of What Happens from an AppStore Algorithm Change

Gabe Kwakyi | October 4, 2016

Today while having a look at some of the stats on our internal apps, we noticed how distinct the change in impressions from the early September app store algorithm change which was officially announced by Apple on 9/7. Changes included killing rank for keywords located past the first 50 characters of an app's title and removing apps that have been unsupported for "a long time."

Here's a quick post showing what we saw in our iTunes Connect app analytics dashboard for five of our apps:

Goalie – Net Gain (short title)

goalie itunes connect app analytics impressions

Danger Dragon – Net Loss (long title)

danger dragon itunes connect app analytics impressions

LIFE – Net Gain (short title)

LIFE itunes connect app analytics impressions

Queue – Net Loss (Long title)

Queue itunes connect app analytics impressions

SHADE – Gain > Loss (Short title)

SHADE itunes connect app analytics impressions

We also saw a slight correlation between the app unit / impressions conversion rate, and our app's impression changes; though this correlation is not as strong as we had expected.

Positive correlation between conversion rate and number of impressions is shown here in green boxes, with negative or no correlation found shown in red boxes, for Goalie.

Goalie itunes connect app analytics impressions vs app unit conversion rate

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