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A Case Study on Google UAC

Gabe Kwakyi | October 3, 2017

Following on the back of our two "how to" optimize Google UAC posts comes a brief case study of how Google UAC can drive great results in achieving scale goals, with very positive performance metrics.

Several months ago gaming company, PeopleFun launched a new word game title called Wordscapes, to both iOS and Android. Having managed UA for their prior app, Word Chums, PeopleFun asked Incipia to help manage paid UA for their new title.

In order to help PeopleFun achieve their goals, one of the major channels Incipia turned to was Google's new Universal Campaign product.

PeopleFun's Business Objective

Peoplefun's goals after launching their new app were to quickly acquire a critical mass of users for Wordscapes, within their target CPI, and above target retention goals. Additionally, PeopleFun wanted to climb into and stay in the top charts.

Incipia's Implementation Strategy

We approached achieving PeopleFun's goals via several different angles:

  1. Working with our Adwords rep to stay on top of the latest product updates & opportunities and to provide targeted insights for PeopleFun into what's working or not across the UAC landscape.
    1. Don't ignore your Google lead! Our Google rep, Kyle, was a vital partner in enabling us to achieve such great results.
  2. Running Max Installs campaigns across each geographic area, with bidding and budget adjustments (which should be adjusted when moving from start to steady-state) based on campaign performance to PeopleFun's goals.
    1. Running a tCPA optimiztion campaign type is in-development for our next wave of optimization.
  3. Buildout and optimization of creative assets, beyond ad text.
    1. One winning component in our creative process was to implement multiple graphic/video assets, in multiple dimensions and orientations for maximum coverage (here's an example). This really became necessary when looking to continue scaling in the subsequent months and when expanding to iOS. Quality graphic/video assets are a must to scale UAC.

Winning Metrics for Wordscapes

A great product is the most important basic requirement for successful marketing, and Wordscapes was an excellent embodiment of this core tenet. A great product combined with our UA expertise resulted in excellent results for PeopleFun.

ratings and reviews google play

UAC proved instrumental in the launch months and beyond as the #1 volume-driving channel for Android UA (and a large channel for iOS as well), while performing very well against PeopleFun's KPIs. Specifically in the first two launch months Google UAC:

  • Helped Wordscapes to achieve a top US free Games rank of 34 (pushing as high as 21), as well as helping to maintain a constant top 10 category presence.
  • Acquired installs at a 28% lower cost than PeopleFun's launch CPI target.
  • Brought in users whose retention bested PeopleFun's day 7 retention goal by an amazing +60% (again, a testament to PeopleFun's superb product).

John Boog-Scott, COO of PeopleFun, commented on both Incipia's effectiveness as well as that of Google's UAC channel:

Google has been one of our most important marketing channels. Working with Incipia to manage and optimize our campaigns towards our goals was just what we needed. It enabled us to focus on our product and grow our broader marketing efforts.


If you're an advertiser investing budget into UA and you haven't tried UAC, make that a priority. Also, be sure to read our optimization recommendations and consider bringing in an agency like Incipia to ensure you're implementing important tips & tricks, and are leveraging high impact creative.


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