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A Case Study on Screenshot Design

Gabe Kwakyi | November 3, 2017

Following up on our Android and iOS screenshots studies comes a real case study in screenshot optimization. This post is a summary-view of our approach in working with learn Japanese app, kawaii日本語.

MardukCorp's Business Objective

Jan Malte Dittmer, CEO & Founder of MardukCorp reached out to us to improve the ASO performance of MardukCorp's kawaii日本語 Android app. After some initial research, we identified that a round of keyword optimizations and a one-time screenshot optimization were the highest impact activities needed for kawaii日本語.

Incipia's Implementation Strategy

Our screenshot optimization strategy components such as:

  • Figuring out what users cared most about and highlighting these items.
  • Sharpening the caption messaging.
  • Doubling down on kawaii日本語's unique factor (its game feel and main characters).

Our keyword optimization strategy focused on:

  • New keyword research, to identify tier 2 and tier 3 keywords that kawaii日本語 could capture better ranking on in the short-term that could boost overall download volume.
  • Optimizing target keyword coverage and density in the app's metadata.
  • Tweaking the keyword mix across ranking-eligible metadata elements (title, short description, long description) for better ranking strength.

google play screenshots before

google play screenshots aftergoogle play screenshots after

Winning Metrics for kawaii日本語

While our research and expertise certainly helped move the needle for MardukCorp, Incipia's role was primarily to extract the true potential of kawaii日本語, rather than creating new value. The key to good marketing is always to have a good product in the first place. kawaii日本語's star rating of 4.4 reflected satisfied users and their feedback via reviews showed that users found great value and enjoyed using kawaii日本語, which was the strong foundation we needed.

In the end we saw an excellent improvement in conversion rate (+74%), which lead to a healthy increase in daily download volume, as indicated by kawaii日本語's top chart ranks.

google play optimization top chart kawaii

We also saw an increase in the rank of kawaii日本語's top target keyword ("Learn Japanese") from 10 to 5, even usurping competing apps with as many as 20x the number of total downloads.

google play keyword optimization improvement

Jan Malte Dittmer, CEO and Founder of MardukCorp commented on working with Incipia:

"We made a new and innovative learning app that received great ratings from our users, but we still struggled to stand out amongst the other language learning apps and earn good organic downloads.
Incipia helped us to redesign our screenshots and optimize our keyword rankings, and as a result we saw an increase in our Google Play Store conversion rate of 74%, as well as an increase in our top keyword rank from 10 to 5. We were glad to have Incipia’s help in bringing more learning content to people looking to learn a new language!"


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