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App Promotion Done Smart: 6 Easy Tips to Get More Visibility

Lesia Shyshko | February 20, 2017


Promoting your app is not easy, considering all the competition. The Apple App Store, for example, grows by over 1,000 apps per day. With so much competition, how can you stand out and find your audience? The answer is improving your app visibility via effective promotion. Thankfully, getting into the top of the charts does not always require a big advertising budget. Smart app promotion involves leveraging the right channels at your disposal and sending an appealing message that will attract users.

   1. App Store Optimization

Your app promotion begins with app store optimization. But don’t limit yourself only to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There are a number of other, less popular app stores where you also gain downloads, including: GetJar, SlideMe, the Opera Mobile Store and the Amazon Appstore. Optimize your app's metadata to match relevant keyword searches, and don't forget to optimize your app's visuals, too, such as screenshots and preview video. Earning as many positive reviews as possible will also give you an advantage over the competition.

   2. Building a great app landing page

Your app's web landing page can serve as an excellent source of information before launch. You can gather early feedback, find beta testers and interact with users to gain valuable research that can improve your marketing messages.

Use the landing page to describe your application and make the case for its utility. Show your potential users how they can benefit from your app, demonstrate its features through text, images or video and clearly define its purpose in a way that will interest them enough to tap ‘download’.

A compelling landing page unites valuable information with beautiful design, which impresses visitors with colors, typography and images.

Don’t forget to link the support solution or an email for users, so they can get in touch with you in case they have any issues or questions.

   3. User acquisition: making sure you advertise your app where your audience lives online

Doing smart user acquisition requires some primary research of your audience. Clearly define who you are going to target, such as their gender, age and geolocation. Your app should fit the interests of your users and meet their needs.

Figure out which country or markets you want to target. You can also use a CPI (cost per install) index to compare the cost of promotion in various locations.

Select the right advertising platform, preferably with the programmatic approach, which allows automated targeting of users. This will help you save time when customizing a campaign.

Finally, don’t forget to set up an SDK tracking system to analyze the results of your user acquisition campaign. This way, you can tackle problems and course correct on the go.

   4. Apply for awards

Competitions are a perfect opportunity for raising awareness. If you win, you get an endorsement that looks great in press releases, and an award to showcase in your app store profile. But even if you lose, you still get an excellent opportunity to introduce your application to a wider audience, get feedback and exposure.

There are competitions run by Google Play and Apple, as well as: Best Mobile App Awards, Appcircus and Appsters Awards .

  5. Pitch to app review websites

There are numerous online resources that review and evaluate new apps for users. A positive review from a professional blogger or editor will boost your credibility and raise your profile.

Pitching to relevant blogs is another smart way to promote your app. But don’t flood a reviewer with information right away — write a concise introduction, enumerating the app’s benefits and special features. Make a clear point as to why your app is worth covering. Add several screenshots or a video that show how your app works and show off its UI.

Editors usually get tons of emails asking for reviews, so your best bet is to be concise, clear and respective.

  6. Reach out to influencers

Asking influencers to endorse your app can provide some excellent results, too. After all, positive feedback from an industry opinion-maker is a credible recommendation for most users. If your app provides a great solution to a relevant problem, many will be happy to share it with their followers.

You can send an introductory email or even get creative and send a video message on a social network — as long as it is respectful and beneficial to both parties. Of course, you should also offer free access to your app and all of its features.

You can approach companies as well as individuals. Don’t hesitate to ask the leading companies in your niche about cross-promotion opportunities: they might feature your app on their website in exchange for a discounted ad. This is an additional opportunity for getting in front of your target audience.

Increasing the visibility of an app is hard, but not impossible. If you want to obtain excellent results, you will need to leverage all the available resources and put constant effort into promoting your app.


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