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App Store Optimization Hacks

Gabe Kwakyi | July 12, 2016

Managing an app store optimization strategy involves a lot of industry research - checking out what other apps are doing and trying to determine whether those tricks, keywords or tips are worth replicating in some form in your own strategy. From direct competitors to category peers to country rank leaders, learning from others is a vital component of building a successful ASO strategy.

While doing some Play Store research, we recently came across an interesting new tactic in the wild utilizing a massive and growing larger trend: emojis ☺(and implemented by another large and growing larger trend: dating apps). Check out the titles of these live listings below and try adding some emojis to your own listing to spice up your engagement levels.

Bumble App:

google play bumble app optimization

Dirty Emoji Romance Symbols:

dirty emoji romance google play optimization

It's common knowledge that font formatting (e.g. bold or italics) and HTML-safe symbols(※,☞,✔♥) can be used in listings, yet this is the first we've seen of a colored emoji image appearing in a live Play Store app listing.

These emojis also apparently appear in both in the web and native Play Stores, but do not index.

bumble android mobile app listing

google play store emoji search

While the App Store doesn't allow font formatting  or emojis, it does allow app marketers to use a few different forms of bullets, such as:


For more details on Google Play formatting, here is a useful Stackoverflow thread on the topic.

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