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New Facebook Ads App Install Target Settings

Gabe Kwakyi | September 20, 2017

New targeting abilities are now allowing advertisers to target more specific placements within its broader networks, including the ability to select only one or more of each network's placements. Previously, advertisers were forced to opt into all specific placements within a broader network.

  1. Facebook
    1. Feed
    2. Instant Articles
    3. Suggested Videos
  2. Instagram
    1. Feed
    2. Stories
  3. Audience Network
    1. Native banner and interstitial
    2. Rewarded Videos
  4. Messenger

facebook app install ads

Unfortunately, advertisers are still unable to deselect the Facebook feed placement if they want to advertise on only the Audience Network or any other Facebook placements.

facebook app install ads

These expanded Facebook app install targeting options follow an earlier update to add Messenger inventory to the app install campaign objective. From our experience, messenger traffic for app install ads has been negligible.


The Bottom LineFacebook expands the ability to decide what ad inventory to target to more specific placements within each network, which is a nice upgrade for app install campaign managers, especially those with video inventory. Perhaps this move comes as a shrewd response to Google's decision to deprecate specific network placement and force mobile advertisers to use UAC-only.


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