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Facebook Launches App Post-Install Ad Optimization

Gabe Kwakyi | July 28, 2016

Feature image credit: Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook is launching two new products to help app marketers drive the right results. Similar to Google's recent universal ads expansion and coming on the heels of the Facebook canvas premium ad unit, Facebook will soon allow marketers to:

1) Target users who have visited a particular page on your website with an app install ad, deep linking to that same product page for easy purchase after install. This would require Facebook deep linking setup to support.

2) Optimize your app install campaigns directly for post-install events, available from a list of 14 Facebook-defined app events, which include:

  • Achieved level
  • App launched
  • Added payment info
  • Added to cart
  • Added to wish list
  • Completed registration
  • Completed tutorial
  • Initiated checkout
  • Purchased
  • Rated
  • Searched
  • Spent credits
  • Unlocked achievement
  • Viewed content
Facebook had previously allowed advertisers to either optimize campaigns for app installs OR post-install engagement, but not both.

The Bottom Line: Facebook, the leading mobile app marketing platform is launching one new campaign and one new optimization setting that will help app marketers aquire more engaged users directly from the initial install, thereby improving app install campaign ROI and cementing Facebook's hold on the app marketing industry.

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