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The Comprehensive Mobile App Marketing Channels List

Gabe Kwakyi | December 20, 2016

When it comes to marketing your app, how many different options would you say you have to get the word out about your app? 10? 20? 25?

Team Incipia did the research, identifying 34 unique channels useful for marketing mobile apps and collating a comprehensive list.

Furthermore, we scored each channel from 1-4 (worst-to-best) by:

  1. Ease of setup/management
  2. Potential ROI
  3. Potential reach

Each entry is also categorized by whether it is a free, paid or partially free marketing channel.

Additionally, we provided a list of popular attribution technology providers, so that you can make sure that you're getting tracking your ROI from each channel.

According to our scoring system, these three marketing channels tied for the top picks:

  1. App Store Optimization: 12/12
  2. Facebook Ads: 12/12
  3. Google Adwords: 12/12

These four channels earned the lowest scores for mobile app marketing:

  1. Snapchat organic: 5/12
  2. Guerilla marketing: 5/12
  3. Print ads/Event marketing: 6/12


Request the full list of mobile app marketing channels here.


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