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The Top 10 App Store Optimization Experts List: October 2016

Gabe Kwakyi | October 13, 2016

Feature Image Credit: App Store Optimization Monthly Medium Publication.

If you want to know who to follow to get all the best insight into app store optimization, look no further than the fine folks on this ASO thought leader top list, arranged in no particular order.

This was a tough list to curate, but is based on our own conclusions and reflect the caliber of most recent interactions, contributions and engagement that we have observed across the industry and in our own circles.

Laurie Galazzo

As the team responsible for content marketing @ ASO tool, AppTweak, Laurie has dedicated herself to spreading the word about app store optimization through her craft of content marketing. We admire Laurie's consistent presence in ASO and actually had the pleasure of interviewing her last recently about content marketing.


Moritz Daan

Moritz amassed plenty of ASO experience by leading growth at Soundcloud, as well as starting and growing multiple successful apps on his own. Moritz is currently a partner at growth consultancy, Phiture and curator of the popular App Store Optimization Medium publication (pictured as the feature image of this post). We hope to have Moritz in for an Incipia interview sometime soon, so that he may share some of his wealth of knowledge.


Andy Carvell

A fellow Soundcloud growth marketer and Phiture partner, Andy is also the author of the incredibly extensive mobile growth stack. He's a spring of insight not only in the field of ASO, but also mobile marketing/analytics/monetization/AARRR... Enough said.


Thomas Petit, AKA Thomasbcn

Leading growth marketing at 8fit, Thomas is another massive brain in the ASO space, constantly experimenting, discovering and providing a steady stream of highly valuable findings to Twitter. We also hope to have the chance to pick Thomas's brain during an upcoming Incipia interview.


Hugh Kimura

Having spent time at three major ASO companies (Sensor Tower, Apptamin and Mobile Action), Hugh is definitely choice for an ASO top list. Hugh has been active across the web pumping out content on a regular basis that ASOs can benefit from for years.


Steve Young

Perhaps one of the most experienced and renown ASOs out there, Steve is a strong incumbent in the ASO space, running an ASO agency, AppMasters, which also features an app marketing podcast that is nearing 500 total episodes.


David Copeland

Founder of product roadmap and digital strategy agency, App Foresight, David promotes data-driven blog insights and a steady Twitter stream of observations, questions and comments.


Sergey Sharov

CEO of ASO Desk (which a few people in our network have been talking about), Sergey looks to be rising as an influencer in the field of ASO and one to watch.


Anatoly Sharifulin

CEO and Co-founder of ASO tool, AppFollow, Anatoly was quick to provide information on results from Apple search ad campaigns and looks to have some great learnings in ASO to share.


Gabriel Machuret

We debated whether or not to place this name on our list. After all, his ego has made it pretty hard for us to get along. Nonetheless, we can objectively respect his years of experience in the industry, his dedication to the game and the fact that he launched a 98 page e-book on search ads within a week. It wouldn't be a true top list of ASOs without Gab.


Should team Incipia make the cut? We'll let you be the judge.

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