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iOS 10.3 Updates Around Reviews

Gabe Kwakyi | January 24, 2017

Breaking news for iOS 10.3:

As part the upcoming changes to the latest version of iOS 10 (10.3), Apple is finally planning to mirror a feature that has been much asked-for by developers and much-utilized in Google Play: allowing developers to finally reply to user reviews.

This has big implications for developers and marketers, as reviews are not only one of the most crucial components of an app checked by users in order to determine whether or not to download an app, but also a major factor in keyword ranking for ASO.

Not only that, but apps will also be able to use a new iOS API to request users to rate/review from within the app. This is another simple, but massive change. The biggest outcome is that you can now remove one extra step (friction) when requesting a review; this step was that users had to tap "yes, I'd like to review your app" and then go to the app store before they could actually write a review. This also solves for the issue where it was impossible to tell whether a user actually left a review after they were directed to the app store.

Additionally, by allowing users to leave reviews in-app, this opens up the ability for developers to track which users do actually leave reviews and possibly to see what rating they leave and other details from their review.

For best practices on how to reply to your user reviews, check out our earlier post.

The Bottom Line: Apple will soon provide developers with more tools with which to improve their star rating, reviews and rating volume in iOS 10.3.

Original Source ASO Monthly via Thomasbcn


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