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Adjust Adds Limit Ad Tracking Column

Gabe Kwakyi | October 3, 2016

In response to the growth and impact that limit ad tracking in iOS 10 devices poses to mobile marketing analytics, Mobile marketing partner Adjust has begun showing the percentage of tracked installs with limit ad tracking enabled.

Adjust has rolled out a new column in the deliverables tab for iOS apps, titled "LAT," and with a percentage listed per active tracker.

adjust LAT column

So far, LAT numbers look higher for organic (going as high as 25%) and lower for advertising-sourced installs (~10-15%).

The impact to marketers is simple, yet massive. While app marketers can still show ads to users with LAT enabled, there will be no way to effectively track what that user does after installing an app; because their IDFA (identification for advertising) is anonymized, marketers can't see whether those users signed up, purchased anything, never launched the app or uninstalled it after 3 days. The workaround is to try to attribute changes in any KPI  by comparing data after a campaign has begun with  a baseline number, established prior to running the app install campaign; in other words, a pre-post-lift study.

The Bottom LineAdjust will now allow app marketers to see the percentage of users with limit ad tracking enabled, per source, which enables marketers to know exactly how large of a disruption to their analytics LAT presents, which promises to be significant.


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