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Amazon Pinpoint App Push Notifications

Gabe Kwakyi | December 1, 2016

Big news from Amazon, which just released "targeted push notifications for mobile apps," offering developers and app marketers a free starter tier that includes "5,000 free targeted users per month, 1M free push notifications per month, and 100M events per month." After 5,000 users, the price is $0.0012 per user, $1 per 1 million events and $1 per 1 million push notifications sent.

Amazon also touts no upfront setup fees, and no fixed costs, both of which are common extra costs tacked on by push vendors.

Per Amazon's website, customers can use Amazon Pinpoint for:

  • A/B testing notifications
  • Campaign segmentation
  • Measuring results (including the number of times the app was opened as a result of a notification and revenue attribution for campaigns)
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Real-time analytics
  • Export data for use in other platforms or tools, as well as 3rd party tool integrations

This places Amazon into deeper competition with Google's Firebase platform, which competes with Amazon's AWS platform for mobile app backends and now push notifications.

This also signals the commoditization of push notifications and is a harbinger of a downward price spiral for push notifications reminiscent of online cloud storage, as companies like Amazon, Google and OneSignal offer cheap or even free options for mobile app push notifications.

The Bottom LineAmazon launches a low-cost new service for mobile app push notifications.

Original Source: Venture Beat