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App Store iTunes Connect Update 3.9.17

Gabe Kwakyi | March 9, 2017

3.10.17 Update: Apple appears to have reversed course, continuing to allow changes without a new build.

Apple is going back in time with a new update to the iTunes Connect dashboard that will require a new version to be submitted and approved to push description or "what's new" changes.

This update doesn't seem to be fully rolled out quite yet, as we were still able to save description changes as of 3:25pm EST today.

So what's the reason behind this change to the iTunes Connect dashboard and review process?

One possible reason is that Apple may be preparing to start ranking keywords from an app's description (as Google does).

Another is that Apple is adjusting the review process to prevent keyword stuffing in an attempt to manipulate Apple Search Ads rankings, given that keywords in an app's description can impact Apple Search Ads keyword relevance.


The Bottom Line: Apple appears to have reversed course and will  now require a new version to be approved before allowing description or "what's new" changes to go live to the App Store.

Original Source: 9to5 Mac

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