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Apple App Store to introduce “For You” tab

Gabe Kwakyi | August 6, 2016

Apple's App Store is a money-printing operation, generating $14.7 billion for developers and earning Apple itself about $6 billion in 2015. If the App Store were a company, it would be #431 on the Fortune 500 list, edging out Harley Davidson, Marathon Oil and Starwood Hotels.

Following a recent announcement for plans to supercharge App Store revenue growth, including App Store Search Ads, comes another announcement to increase App Store sales; as if the recent $120 million in additional revenue Apple made from the Pokémon Go release wasn't enough in the way of growth.

Apple's latest strategy is to roll out a "For You" tab in the app store to provide users with custom-curated suggestions on what to buy based on their history; like search ads, Apple's latest announcement seems to be an obvious next step given the prevalence and success of suggestions in the rest of the digital commerce world.

“What’s not known is how deep Apple will peer into your account. We don’t know if Apple is simply looking at your purchase history, or if it also looks at what devices you’ve got linked to your Apple ID, or what software you may have purchased,” - TheNextWeb

So far no release date has been set and no designs on what an Apple For You section could look like have been shared. My guess is, they'll provide additional specifics at the Apple 7 keynote event -Apple is a company known for secrecy and only releasing official information at the right venue.

The Bottom Line: The App Store adds yet another strategy to help boost the number of paying and repeat-purchase users, which will be a boon not just for Apple, but also for the App Store's leagues of developers, artists and other sellers.

Original Source: The news staff at Tech2

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