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Apple Launches App Store Notify Button

Gabe Kwakyi | September 8, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Super Mario Run App Store Listing

Apple's at it again! The most valuable fruit in the world pushes yet another App Store improvement, fresh on the heels of cleaning out potentially hundreds of thousands of apps and taking action against apps with long titles. Spotted by TechCrunch today, Apple will now (or soon rather) allow apps to get into the app store prior to launch and let users sign up to be notified when the app is available for download.

This is a valuable move for several reasons, including:

  • Increasing visibility of apps prior to launch (the most popular current method is to create a splash web page - several vendors such as Launchrock and Launchkit have sprung up to make this an easy proces)
  • Providing apps with a way to secure installs prior to launch
  • Enabling apps to capture keyword rankings pre-launch
  • Allowing apps to gain featured visibility pre-launch
Apple notify me app button 2

Image Credit: Super Mario Run App Store Listing

It's also highly likely that Google, which seems to be testing out Apple's two screenshots in keyword preview format may also take Apple's lead for displaying a "notify me" option.

This update poses several questions, including:
  1. How long prior to launch an app can request to notify users?
  2. Are there are any special requirements for this feature?
  3. What the actually notify me notification looks like when the app becomes available?
  4. Will users be able to pay up-front for in-app purchases prior to launch?
  5. Will apps be able to offer a pre-launch special discount to guarantee purchases?
The Bottom Line: Apple shows its continued commitment to improving the App Store by allowing apps to capture pre-launch users and rankings and let users request to be notified when the app is available.

Original Source: Tech Crunch