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AppsFlyer Announces In-App Ad Attribution

Gabe Kwakyi | December 21, 2016

AppsFlyer, one of the "Big 4 Attribution Vendors" (which also includes Adjust, Kochava and Tune) has announced big news for customers of their technology: the ability to attribute advertising revenue to tracked sources.

AppsFlyer quotes data on in-app ad revenue from App Annie showing how significant of an impact this update represents:

App Annie recently forecast that 2016 in-app ad revenues will reach $51.9B, representing 59% of total mobile app revenues.

Prior to this ability, calculating return from in-app ads was a game of averages: totaling revenue from in-app ads and dividing that by the number of active users to find the ARPU, or some other approximation method.

Not only does AppsFlyer handles this work for advertisers now, but it also enables advertisers who monetize only partially via in-app ads to get an easy, single revenue number.

The Bottom Line: For apps that monetize partially or fully through ads, attributing performance to marketing efforts can be a pain or inaccurate. AppsFlyer's data helps advertisers with apps monetized via in-app ads to effectively calculate ARPU/LTV/ROAS/etc per tracked marketing channel.

Original Source: Daniel Guillen

Feature Image Credit: Appsflyer website