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AppTweak Assimilates Apple’s Search Ad Search Popularity Score

Gabe Kwakyi | October 3, 2016

September and October are shaping up to be a couple of the biggest months of updates for iOS app marketers yet. In addition to making search ads available for advertisers to set up campaigns on 9/28 (ads won't go live until Wednesday, 10/5), Apple has also bestowed an immensely valuable data point for app marketers: a 1-100 index score indicative of a keyword's search volume termed "search popularity."

The downside to only receiving a 1-100 index score vs an actual search number is that it prevents forecasting potential changes in searches/installs by swapping keywords around, and there will be cases of ties in search popularity, such as "daily calendar" and "task" below.

It's worth noting that Apple vis-a-vis AppTweak records "tasks" as volume 33, vs "task" as volume 37 (tasks not pictured below). We'll do a more in-depth comparison of search differences between similar keyword variants (e.g. spacing vs non-spacing, plurals vs singulars, root vs extended words) and auto-fill vs related searches soon.

AppTweak keyword search popularityapple search ads keyword search popularity

Previously, ASO tools such as AppTweak provided their own flavor of estimation for helping app marketers to figure out . AppTweak's documentation of its previous search volume score indicates search volume factors included:

  • "Keywords density in app titles, descriptions and reviews from all apps.
  • The level of popularity and usage of the keyword in the language.
  • The exact mobile web search volume.
  • Hints provided by Apple and Google.
  • The amount of keywords combined in key phrases.
  • Keyword’s length."
Also new(er) in AppTweak's repertoire of improved ASO features is the ability to see not just auto-fill results, but also the related searches for a popular keyword.

AppTweak related searches app store

Nice job, AppTweak team on being first to market with this big update!

The Bottom Line: Apple's continued commitment to improving the app store experience continues by beating Google to market with a 1st party indicator of app store keyword search volume; AppTweak beats other ASO tools to market in surfacing this data for marketers.

Original Source: Laurie Galazzo of AppTweak

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