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Early Apple Search Ads Results

Gabe Kwakyi | October 5, 2016

With search ads now switched live, the data has started to flow in.

What do the results say? So far, we've generated...

7 Installs for $1.37 in spend!

That's a $.2 CPA, which rivals worthless boost campaign install prices, but driven by (presumably) high quality, organic traffic!

Simply incredible.

While these low CPT and CPAs likely won't last as more advertisers pile into the search ads auction environment, search ads are an incredible bargain on installs for now.

We can also see some search terms starting to show from our search match campaign:

apple search ads first look

It's fantastic that Apple is providing this data, which along with Apple's search popularity, represents a golden pot-ended rainbow of marketing insight.

The Bottom Line: Get your search ads installs while they're cheap and start gathering vital search term data to better inform your ASO strategy and optimize your search ad campaigns ongoing.

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