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Facebook Ads Shows Info and Ads Run by Pages

Gabe Kwakyi | July 1, 2018

Source: Shamanth Rao

Massively disruptive news hit the mobile marketing world on June 28th: Facebook has officially launched a feature that enables anyone to see what ads any page is running.

This previously guarded secret is a boon to most advertisers as the playing field into insight is leveled without having to rely on time-consuming, inaccurate or expensive methods; but by spilling hidden gems it may also lead to the proliferation of copycat ads.

To access this feature, select the Info and Ads tab in any Facebook page.

A few caveats include that ads shown are only those that are currently active for a page, the number of ads returned is limited and sometimes difficult to load beyond a handful, and formats can be rendered improperly.


facebook ads info and ads feature web1

facebook ads info and ads feature web2


facebook ads info and ads feature app1

facebook ads info and ads feature app2

The Bottom Line: Facebook, in the pursuit of more transparency into advertising, has offered a window into the active ads in a specified country any Facebook page is running, opening a treasure trove of competitive insight.


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