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Google Captures 31% of Digital Ad Dollars Worldwide

Gabe Kwakyi | August 4, 2016

A is for alphabet and G is for Google.

Or should we say Gorilla. The pioneer and king Google still dominates the world of digital marketing, taking 30.9% of global advertising dollars, thanks in large part to a 2016 forecast of $47.57 billion in revenues from its healthy 55.2% ownership of the global search advertising industry.

While Google will likely always retain the top spot in search advertising, it has reason to worry about mobile ad dollars as users shift to mobile devices, and advertising dollars give chase. When it comes to mobile, few others stand a chance to contend with the Gorilla than Facebook. In fact, eMarkter wrote that Facebook had already taken the title for #1 display revenues from Google, based on strong mobile ad growth (80% of Facebook's $5.6 billion in Q4 2015 advertising revenue came from ads shown on mobile devices).

To talk more stats: Facebook not only has its own orbital mass of 1.7 billion users, but also owns Instagram's 400 million users, bought and expanded WhatsApp's userbase to 1 billion and can also tap into all of the apps plugged into Facebook's audience network. Facebook also split out its messenger app into a separate application and now boasts the big B for billion for Facebook Messenger.

All these locations provide plenty of places and unique ways for Facebook to capture attention (i.e. ad dollars) and show ads to users, or market via as-yet unknown future technology (e.g. will Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift play some strange role in monetization perhaps?).

The Bottom LineGoogle still dominates the market for search advertising but ceded the display crown to Facebook, whom Google is also in danger of losing the mobile war at-large to.

Original Source: Emarketer Google Still Dominates World Search Market