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Google Play Console Adds New Install Source UA Segment

Gabe Kwakyi | October 31, 2016

Google is now breaking out installs that did not include a store visit, separately from Play Store-sourced installs in the User Acquisition report of the Google Play Console (per above).

This will result in a more accurate (lower) conversion rate, by teasing out installs sourced from non-store related places such as device pre-install and direct-from-Google searches, per Google's recent move to allow users to download Android apps directly from searches.

Let's hope this means Google isn't far from breaking out data on these sources next: keyword search impressions vs category impressions vs feature impressions.

The Bottom Line: Now you can analyze your store listing visitors-to-installs conversion rate more accurately, by excluding installs unrelated to the Play Store, which would previously skewed your conversion rate up.

Source: Thomasbcn & Sirag Nabih; Searchengineland