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Google Play lets Users Try Apps Before Buying

Gabe Kwakyi | October 5, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Android Police

Google's latest Play Store update aims at leveraging its vast technology stack to solve the problem of app discovery, as it has done before with word of innovations such as instant apps. This time, Google is expanding technology used in its earlier experiments with trial run ads by allowing users to try apps from a Play Store listing before deciding to download.

This is a decision targeted at increasing the quality of a user's experience with the Play Store, rather than encouraging mass-app adoption because, like with video previews, letting a prospective user actually try out an app gives them more reason to decide they don't like the app and not to download it than a screenshot or description (which leave more to the imagination). This means that, for the apps that will opt to allow trials, it places critical importance on creating a custom-curated trial experience for users, which would likely be separate from the initial experience that a regular user would be presented with on launch.

Yet, while trying an app can lead to fewer downloads, it also holds promise for improving retention rates by allowing people to better vet apps before deciding to download them. With 80% of users churning after the first two days, it's not like those extra downloads are really doing any good for apps anyway. And for paying apps, letting users try the app presents an excellent opportunity to boost downloads by allowing users, who wouldn't pay just to try the app, get more of a taste of the app's value.

The Bottom Line: Starting with select games, Google will allow users to try apps from a Play Store listing before purchasing them.

Original source: Android Police  

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