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Incipia Round Up: What’s New in App Store Optimization

Gabe Kwakyi | January 28, 2019

Today's post is a quick round up of what's top of mind from Incipia with regard to the world of ASO, providing you with perspective on what we feel some of the top trends and hot topics are.


Interesting (and controversial topics) in ASO:

  • A/B testing
  • Organic discovery
    • What does 2018's massive push towards curated (Apple) and algorithmic (Google) organic discovery (point #4 & #5 in this post) and the ever-present VC-backed UA spend of large apps mean for organic keyword discovery?
    • With so many downloads available for juicing apps' algorithmic keyword ranking scores (and these spaces being constricted by these ads/editorial/algorithmic results), what are the best means by which small/medium-sized, older/decaying, and apps with low UA budgets to grow (or even simply maintain share) in 2019's increasingly overcrowded/over competitive App/Play Stores?
    • What impact do stability metrics have on Play Store ASO?
  • Apple Search Ads
    • There are murmurs of new features coming to Apple Search Ads this year; perhaps Apple will address its to-date lack of interest in capitalizing on the Promoted In-App Purchases infrastructure it built in iOS 11, or release a better Creative Set system!


New ASO techniques/initiatives brewing inside Incipia:

  • Exploring vectoring/classification matching as a technique to improve competitive keyword rankings (see these two articles from Search Engine Journal on vectoring and Google Play Store blog on classification matching).
  • Upgrading our keyword visibility scoring infrastructure to better account for the non-linear nature of the app stores.
  • Addressing cohesive branding across UA and organic for better CRO results.
  • Estimating:
    • Predictions of downloads based on factors including growth, seasonality and inorganic marketing trends.
    • The "true" impact of ASO optimizations, excluding factors such as the above ^.
    • Normal variation in performance data, to understand when performance falls outside of this normal band (and why?).
  • Modeling inorganic marketing organic uplft and the correlation of ASO factors on results.
  • Studying what factors influence related apps and apps you may also like suggestions (and tracking these placements) in the App Store and Play Store (especially in Play, wherein the vast majority of non-branded downloads often come from Explore).


Ways to get connected to the ASO industry:

  • The Advanced ASO Conference is coming soon to the EU: May 22nd in Berlin, DE.
    • This event promises to be the cream of the crop in ASO, and dedicated to ASO (not paid UA). If you'll find a topic at another conference, then you won't find it here. We curate topics and speakers to bring you the bleeding edge, ground breaking topics you haven't heard anywhere else.
  • If you can make it out to Berlin, then you'll find not one but two excellent conferences and a wide, combined content track providing two back-to-back days packed with learning. The ASOC ([Advanced] ASO Conference is happening one day before the App Growth Summit Berlin. So get your tickets and we'll see you in Berlin.
  • The ASO Stack community has surpassed 1,000 members, with ASO practitioners from around the world continuing to stir the pot on excellent discussions day in and day out.


That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts breaking down mobile marketing concepts.

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