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The Advanced App Store Optimization Book

Gabe Kwakyi | September 7, 2017

Big news! Moritz Daan and I have just published the most comprehensive book on App Store Optimization on the market.

Just how comprehensive is this book? Here are some stats:

  • It clocks in at over 350 pages (inclusive of both text and image references).
  • It's over 70,000 words.
  • It includes content from 6 guest authors of renown standing in the ASO industry.
  • It includes 45+ pro tips and 20 case studies.
  • It encompasses 12 chapters, each covering unique aspects of ASO from how iOS 11 is changing the game, to visibility optimizations, to black hat, to ASO tools and more.

In short: it's everything you could ever want to know about the topic of ASO, and more.

The book took the majority of this year to date but is now available for purchase [get the ASO book] (you can also download a free chapter on localization via the ASO book).

The book consists of 6 parts:

  • The ASO Stack — a cheat sheet for mobile marketers to improve their app store presence.
  • Getting ready for iOS 11 — implications for ASO.
  • Increasing Visibility — Improving visibility in the app stores through search & browse.
  • Increasing Conversion — turning views into downloads, with iOS category conversion rate benchmarks from TUNE that weren’t published before.
  • Tools—The ASO practitioner’s toolkit.
  • Outside of the Stores — External and internal influences on ASO.

You can get the book (PDF) for $39 now via the landing page and also pre-order a printed edition for later this year at $65.

We wrote this book to provide content for every level of ASO practitioner, from beginners looking to get their bearings on this complex subject, to seasoned veterans looking to stay up-to-date on the latest tips, tricks & trends.

We would also like to thank our Guest authors for their incredible help, adding expertise and depth to this book:

■ Daniel Peris— chapter: Backlinks and setting up the Google Search Console.
■ Emily Grossman — chapter: App Indexing.
■ Pablo Penny — chapter: The Keyword Optimization Cycle.
■ Paul Malicki — chapter: Switching Categories.
■ Peter Fodor— chapter: Getting Featured.
■ Sylvain Gauchet— chapter: App Store Videos

Another big thank you to our proofreaders and other contributors:
■ Adeline Lee.
■ Andy Carvell.
■ Ido Schoonen.
■ Ilia Kukharev.
■ Luca Giacomel.
■ Oksana Iarosevych (OI).
■ Sebastian Knopp.
■ Thomas Petit.

And we would like to thank the ASO tool providers who answered our questionnaire: 
■ AppFollow: Anatoly Sharifulin, Evgeny Kruglov.
■ App Radar: Thomas Kriebernegg, Silke Glauninger.
■ AppTweak: Laurie Galazzo.
■ Sergey Sharov.
■ Mobile ActionAykut Karaalioglu, Hugh Kimura, Yekta Ozcomert.
■ PRIORI DATA: Patrick Kane, Patrik Winkler.
■ Raisemetrics: Alexey Savitsky.
■ SensorTower: Randy Nelson.
■ SplitMetrics: Alexandra Lamechenka, Ian Artimovich.
■ StoreMaven: Adam Rakib.
■ TestNest: Anzhelika Shevchenko, Nick Kurat.
■ TheTool: Ekaterina Zolotareva, Daniel Peris.
■ TUNE: Ian Sefferman, Patrick Haig, Tam Phan.

Special thanks to:
■ Regina Leuwer (Editor).
■ Javier Prieto (Designer).
■ Vasilis Konstantoudakis (Cover design).


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