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Bumble’s New User Verification Feature

Gabe Kwakyi | September 26, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Bumble, via Mashable

Bumble has just launched a new and innovative feature in order to tackle fake profile abuse on its platform. The feature requires users to mimic a pose and take a selfie of the user's attempt; when the picture matches the selfie, the user's verification is confirmed.

While innovative, there is a cost for Bumble to roll this feature out, in that each user's selfie must be actually confirmed by a Bumble reviewer before getting the green light, which adds overhead. That said, the benefit of maintaining a quality user base and filtering out the spambots may be well worth the expense – many social category apps struggle with this issue, such as Instagram, which purged millions of fake accounts in 2014.

Bumble's take on making the account verification process less annoying for users than sending an email (which requires additional steps outside of the platform, leading to a potential loss in conversion rate), is more engaging and "millennial-friendly" than others, such as "count the number of trucks in these 6 pictures," "click this button to confirm you are not a robot," or even Facebook's confirm your friends pictures to confirm your own identity, below: facebook confirm identify

Image Credit: Adweek

The Bottom Line: Figuring out how to put a creative spin on monotonous, yet important tasks can increase user completion rates. Study which features are suffering from low conversion rates and put your Bumble hat on!

Original Source: Karissa Bell for Mashable, via @SteveYoung