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Insert, mobile app engagement company, raises $10m series A

Gabe Kwakyi | August 11, 2016

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Time is of the essence in the app store era as app rankings shift on the hour, and waiting for a new app update can eat away at precious opportunities to win time in the top rank limelight. Even something that may sound as simple as adding push notifications or an in-app survey can require a rigorous design/development sprint to implement; the UX of every feature must be designed, implemented, tested and finally submitted to and approved by Apple, all of which can take days or weeks. Enter: Insert.

Insert is an in-app engagement technology with a solution that I think will have a huge impact on the mobile app marketing industry. Insert has brought the ability to implement or "insert" features and roll them out without writing additional code, such as an app walkthrough, tooltip, survey, cart reminder (targeting abandoned cart segments is clutch) and coupons to the fingertips of marketers and other non-technical folks. Many of these features can deprioritized in the face of core features delays or other resource gaps, yet are vital to an app's success, engagement and overall product experience and can hold an app marketing strategy back if skipped.

Says Insert CEO Shahar Kaminitz:

“I want to give them the ability to independently add features to the app live, without any developer involvement,”

The fact that Insert launched its product in February and is already being used by Barclays to improve its own mobile banking app has clearly caught investor Battery Ventures' eye, which has invested $10 million in Series A funding. This funding announcement comes on the heels of a Series B announcement by Apptimize, a similar, codeless deploy app engagement platform.

The Bottom Line: Mobile app marketing gets easier and easier. App engagement firms rake in the moolah and marketers rejoice as they gain the capability to deploy in-app marketing product improvements such as a survey or coupon without having to go through the dev team and wait to improve their app marketing efforts. Keep an eye on this company and look out for more funding news from the app engagement space.

Original Source: Anthony Ha for TechCrunch

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