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New to ASO, Apple Search Ads and Incipia? Start Here

Gabe Kwakyi | March 17, 2017

If you're new to the Incipia blog, start by skimming this post.

The Most Comprehensive ASO Resource:

We wrote the book on Advanced ASO – everything you ever wanted to know about ASO, from beginners looking for a handle on the basics, to tips, tricks, and techniques for seasoned veteran ASO practitioners.

Get Lowdown on iOS 11

  1. The Visual Guide to iOS 11 for ASO – replete with diagrams explaining the exact details of iOS 11, plus comparisons to iOS 10.
  2. App Store 2.0 Changes in App Store Optimization – a highlight of the changes happening in iOS 11.

New to App Store Optimization?

  1. The Essential ASO Resources List – every link you ever wanted to learn about ASO.
  2. The ASO Impact Chart – A handy matrix that compares effort vs impact of various ASO activities.
  3. Top 5 app store optimization mistakes we often see when auditing ASO strategies.
  4. 19 free keywords for ASO (you don't need to include these in your metadata).
  5. Examples of and ideas for Google Play feature graphics.
  6. The top differences between the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  7. Video: research for targeting a keyword.
  8. Video: comments on ASO for real apps.
  9. Video: keyword optimization for the Google Play Store.
  10. Video: navigating the iTunes Connect App Analytics dashboard.

New to Apple Search Ads?

  1. Search Ads 101: Tactics & Terms to know.
  2. Top 5 Apple Search Ads mistakes we often see when auditing Apple Search Ads campaigns.
  3. How the Apple Search Ads auction works.
  4. 10 tips to scale Apple Search Ads campaigns.
  5. Top 10 FAQs on Apple Search Ads answered.
  6. Video: setting up your campaigns.
  7. Video: deep dive on the proper campaign structure.
  8. Video: 3 apple search ads tips.

Want to go straight to the cream of the crop?

Want to learn about the various algorithm changes?

  1. Apple App Store ranking algorithm update September 2016 (this was a big one).
  2. Google Play Store ranking algorithm update February 2017 (this was a big one).
  3. Apple App Store ranking algorithm update May 2017.
  4. Apple App Store ranking algorithm update July 2017.
  5. How Google's keyword ranking algorithm works (comments on a Google Play Android developer blog post).

Want to get your nerd on and check out some cool, data-oriented studies?

  1. How to earn a top 10 App Store keyword rank.
  2. Keyword ranking strength in iOS app metadata.
  3. A study on app packs (SEO for apps).
  4. A study on the top 100 App Store app screenshot best practices.
  5. A study on the top 100 App Store app icon best practices.
  6. A study on the top 100 App Store app description best practices.

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