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Upcoming Posts & Post Request

Gabe Kwakyi | August 31, 2016

Hello followers!

If there's a topic in the field of startups, development or marketing that you're eager to learn more about, now's your chance to let us know. Send an email to with your topic request and we'll take some time to write a post on your topic.

In the meantime, here are some of the posts we've got in store:

  • More tool reviews, tips & tricks and tactical overviews
  • More updates across the app development and marketing industry
  • Interviews with Industry Thought Leaders:
    • Peggy Salz on: Hot topics of 2016 in app marketing
    • Moritz Daan on: Advice from a leader in the field of growth hacking
  • The Startup Series
    • How we got organized: a look at the tools and processes Incipia uses to achieve operational excellence
    • 5 things we wished we knew when we started a digital agency
    • How to talk to developers
Thanks as always for following along! We look forward to hearing from you. -Team Incipia