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App Store Optimization Tutorial – Tracking Keyword Optimizations

Gabe Kwakyi | July 26, 2018

Note - this video has been unlisted (but still available through this blog post as a starting place), due to some recent improvements made to account for the following problems in the simple aggregated search popularity model:

  1. The distribution of downloads to each rank for a given keyword is exponential, while this model v.1 treats all scores in a linear manner.
    1. Additionally, the distribution for certain keywords (e.g. branded vs generic) is not necessarily the same.
  2. The search popularity score is an exponential distribution, while this model v.1 treats all score in a linear manner.
  3. This model does not create a possible score, which prevented it from scaling as new keywords are added.


Today's video is an overview of how to use a metric we've created to track your aggregated App Store keyword visibility, factored for keywords within a certain rank range.

This metric (which we call aggregated search popularity) takes in the total search popularity for each keyword within a set rank range, and is calculated as:


Aggregated search popularity of keywords at rank 10 or better =SUMIF(G11:G1,000,"<11",$B$11:$B$1,000)

Have a watch and best of luck optimizing for up and to the right!

PS - my apologies for the late night video and the cat meows in the background.


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