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ASO Hacks: Brought to you by Boomerang

Gabe Kwakyi | August 4, 2016

Image Credit: Boomerang Gmail App

morpheus meme

What if I told you that by simply adding some font formatting to your Google Play description, you could boost your install conversion rate by a significant amount?

This isn't a movie and that's exactly what the folks at Boomerang, the gmail email scheduler service did. In a recent study, Boomerang's head of data science added formatting including bold, underlines and italics throughout their Android app's Google Play long description and reported a 16% increase in their install conversion rate.

In fact, not only does Google allows app developers to add pizazz such as font formatting to their store listing, but also symbols and even colorful emojis . Yet surprisingly (but to the benefit of formatting practitioners), formatting has not yet become a popular practice among Android apps; the Boomerang study pointed out that not a single top 10 grossing Play Store app used rich formatting.

The Bottom Line: By spending as little as 5 minutes A/B testing things such as description layout or text formatting in Google Play experiments, you can boost your store view to install conversion rate by double-digit percentages.

Original source: Boomerang Rich Formatting A/B Test Increases Google Play Installs by 16%