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Big Updates from Adjust

Gabe Kwakyi | October 6, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Adjust newsletter

Mobile measurement partner Adjust has been steadily rolling out some big updates for app marketers to gain more insight into their marketing campaign performance, just today launching a massive new feature that has promising value for business/data analysts.

Per Adjust, this feature provides a new way to access the same data that callbacks do, and:

"Will automatically send raw data into your Amazon S3 bucket – resulting in a CSV file you can freely format with any data available... [Y]ou can sync all impressions, clicks, installs, or any in-app event to Amazon S3, with any of the data available in our placeholders."

What can you do with this new feature? Well, one of the ways we plan to use it is to store data on device IDs, segmented by cohort per channel in order to run custom-targeted remarketing and lookalike campaigns.

The Bottom Line: Adjust's email outlines several recent and brand new updates for its customers, including:

Original Source: Adjust newsletter

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