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Google Adwords Universal Ads Now Offer Post-Install Optimization

Gabe Kwakyi | September 20, 2016

Google's recent announcement of enabling advertisers to run Universal campaigns optimized for post-install events, such as purchases, is now live.

Additionally, Google will now provide room for up to 5 images (optional) to be uploaded as creative for Google's display network, beyond the previously 4 ad text ideas (required) and up to 5 Youtube videos (optional) for Youtube ads.

Adwords universal campaign ad images

Google also has a new disclaimer about its maximum CPA bidding:

"This is the maximum amount you'd like to spend each time someone installs your app or opens it for the first time. This is not the bid amount for your in-app actions."
Read: if you bid $5 for an in-app purchase optimized campaign and no acquired users end up purchasing anything, then Google is not at fault. Google is merely optimizing your bid to achieve a $5 per in-app purchase goal as best it can, with results depending on your app's performance (conversion rate), the users acquired (conversion rate) and your competition (cost/quality of users).

One idea of how this could play out from here: Google combines its expertise in machine learning, its vast scale in app user acquisition and its deep linking technology, to enable users to land directly after installing an app on the screen (with pre-populated content) that Google knows is most likely convert that user, run and optimized automatically for Firebase apps.

The Bottom LineGoogle adds post-install optimized campaign bidding, following a recent move by Facebook; these campaigns help advertisers improve the ROI of their app install campaigns.

Original Source: Google Inside Adwords Blog

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