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How to Hack Apple Search Ads to Show Search Popularity as a Percentage

Gabe Kwakyi | October 4, 2016

Who doesn't hate the search popularity bar Apple uses by default?! Thankfully, Krzysztof Wolski has already figured out how to layer an actual data point into your web view so you can compare potential keywords with more precision.

hack search ads to show popularity % app store search ads keyword search popularity

Some have taken their search ads hacks even further, such as @Thomasbcn and the team from health and fitness app, 8fit here:

8fit hack for apple search ads to show actual search popularity

Or ASO Tool AppTweak, who pulls the data hiding behind the add keyword interface into their tool to show the actual 1-100 value for keywords and, just today recommended keywords.

AppTweak keyword search popularity

The Bottom Line: Apple's search popularity bar sucks; extract the actual percentage number in your web browser with this GitHub hack.

Get the hack on GitHub, courtesy of: @krisix

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