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Google Adwords Universal Ads Now Offer Post-Install Optimization

Gabe Kwakyi | September 20, 2016

Google’s recent announcement of enabling advertisers to run Universal campaigns optimized for post-install events, such as purchases, is now live. Additionally, Google ...

Spotted: Google Testing Expanded Google Play App Listings – Thomas Petit

Gabe Kwakyi | August 24, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Thomas Petit  ASO thought leader Thomas Petit recently spotted a change in how Google is listing apps via Google Play store searches on Android devices. ...

7 Google Play Feature Graphic Examples

Gabe Kwakyi | August 23, 2016

Feature image credit: Dominos Android App Here are 7 Google Play feature graphic examples, plus observations. Be sure to check out our latest update with more feature graphic ...

5 Tips on Optimizing Android Apps in Google Play

Gabe Kwakyi | August 15, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Google Play 1. Run Google experiments constantly Google Play gives you the option to set up experiments and test different variants of several elements ...

Google Play displays app size and uses compression algorithm to shrink apps

Gabe Kwakyi | August 8, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Android Developers Blog With more and more gigabytes of apps and streaming content floating through carrier networks to user phones comes a rise in ...

App Store Optimization Hacks

Gabe Kwakyi | July 12, 2016

Managing an app store optimization strategy involves a lot of industry research – checking out what other apps are doing and trying to determine whether those tricks, ...