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How Do Mobile Advertising Auction Dynamics Work?

Gabe Kwakyi | August 13, 2023

Every single time a person opens a website or application that is ad-monetized, a new auction is initiated to determine which advertiser will be able to serve the user an ad. ...

All About Creatives for Universal App Campaigns

Gabe Kwakyi | July 2, 2023

Why Good Creative is Important for Universal App Campaigns The AdWords PPC auction pioneered and popularized the modern, second-price auction, in which advertisers do not pay ...

Understand Google Universal App Campaigns With 5 Diagrams

Gabe Kwakyi | June 11, 2023

Having a hard time getting UACs to work properly? Read this post to increase your understanding of how UACs operate, and which best practices are critical to success. ...

App Marketing News Update 9.2.17

Gabe Kwakyi | September 2, 2023

Check out a few of the updates in mobile app marketing, as of September 2017: Google Adwords Moves to UAC-Only for App Install Ads TechCrunch, among many others heralded the ...

3 Tips for Optimizing Google Universal Campaigns

Gabe Kwakyi | November 21, 2023

Image Credit: Marketing Land While Google’s Universal Campaigns are great for several reasons (namely scale and cheap installs for little effort), their biggest benefit ...