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Q&A: Structuring S/Marketing for Success with Mike Diaz, Founder and Principal of Growth Canvas Consulting

Gabe Kwakyi | November 30, 2016

In startup culture, “growth hacking” is an ubiquitous buzz word, founders are urged to “do things that don’t scale” and scrappiness is a trait to ...

Part 2: How to Market an App with Limited Budget

Gabe Kwakyi | November 28, 2016

Continuing on from part 1, here is an overview of the most common marketing channels available, as well as some tips for leveraging each channel: The Main App Marketing ...

Part 1: How to Market an App with Limited Budget

Gabe Kwakyi | November 23, 2016

For independent developers, the exploding number of mobile apps has increasingly meant that building and releasing a solid mobile product without a marketing strategy is no ...

Q&A: The Pulse of the Mobile Marketing Community With Adam Lovallo (Co-Founder, &

Gabe Kwakyi | October 20, 2016

Moore’s law was postulated with regard to hardware, yet its impact is applicable to all technology. Take the mobile marketing industry, for example. The speed with which ...

What is a Hollow App Install?

Gabe Kwakyi | July 30, 2016

Feature image credit: Dave McClure Startup Metrics Years ago when Hotwired made history by running the first display ad (which got a 78% “Click-Through-Rate”), it ...

Why App Store Search Ads Will Trump iOS Marketing

Gabe Kwakyi | June 12, 2016

To follow up on an earlier post extolling Apple’s upcoming App Store Search Ads as the single best iOS marketing channel, here is more data to support that assertion, ...