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Google Play Experiments Allow More Than 50% Traffic Tests

Gabe Kwakyi | January 26, 2017

While Google has traditionally only allowed up to 50% of live Play Store traffic to be testable through its A/B experiments engine, it appears that this limit may be lifting ...

The New Frontier for Mobile Marketing

Gabe Kwakyi | January 3, 2017

Mobile marketing technology has come a long ways in a short period of time. The latest technologies allow marketers to pay only when users actually install their app, show ads ...

SDKs: Which Power Ups Does Your App Need?

Gabe Kwakyi | December 22, 2016

SDKs, or software development kits, are bundles of code that are added into your app to help accomplish different types of tasks, such as securely processing ...

ASO Lessons Learned: Optimization Prioritization

Gabe Kwakyi | December 21, 2016

Where should you spend your effort in ASO? Keyword optimization is a great place to start and can produce excellent results (we nearly always see 10%+ gains in impressions ...

How to Troubleshoot Your App Store Optimization Strategy

Gabe Kwakyi | December 14, 2016

Get the 411 on how to troubleshoot your app store optimization strategy. Image credit to ASO tool, App Annie. Let’s set the scene for a moment: say you’ve spent ...

30 Must Use Tools for Mobile App Startups

Gabe Kwakyi | October 5, 2016

Hey startup teams… Want to improve your business operations, but feeling defeated by the fact that you: Don’t know what you don’t know? Check ...

Facebook Ads Begins Rolling out Split Testing

Gabe Kwakyi | September 28, 2016

Finally. The ability to properly A/B test creatives in Facebook without its meddling algorithm abruptly choosing a winner! Right? Wrong, as of yet – but what Facebook is ...

4 Steps to A/B Test Your Way to Mobile App Success

Natalia Yakavenka | September 14, 2016

There’s no denying that apps are largely responsible for the incredible success of smartphones. Recent reports show that smartphone owners spend 90% of their mobile time using ...

Learn how Kabam increased app install conversion rate by 66%

Bryan Sharpe | August 5, 2016

Feature Image Credit: Store Maven There are many elements that make up an app store listing, and just about every one of them can be tested and optimized for better results. ...