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App Store Optimization Keyword Tool for Android ASO

Gabe Kwakyi | November 25, 2023

Continuing on to the Android side of the ASO house, the team at Xyla has also launched a simple, useful Android ASO keyword tool, which is free to use.

For the iOS side of the ASO house, be sure to read our previous blog post elaborating on the iOS ASO Tool.

The Xyla Android ASO keyword tool is designed to output a count of your keywords across the three main Play Store metadata elements. Here's how it works:

  1. Enter the current metadata that you want to optimize based off of:
    1. App name
    2. App short description
    3. App long description


xyla Android aso keyword tool keywords input



  1. Grab a CSV or Excel column that has a list of keywords that you want to optimize for.
    1. This time, no prioritization need be done, as you are simply listing the words you care about in order to find out what their current density is.
  2. Review the output table to determine whether the metadata (or particular metadata elements like the title) contain the right density of each keyword, and adjust the density of under-utilized keywords as desired.

If you're conducting research on an app that you do not have Play Store Console access for (such as a competitor's), you can make it easier to find the short description with this Short Description Viewer Chrome plugin made by ASO tool, The Tool.

As the next step to this analysis, be sure to measure how optimizing your keyword mix density affects your overall keyword visibility. Using Xyla's core reporting and analytics product offers insights such as the exponential keyword report, which indicates whether you're moving important keywords into better rankings. Hit the "get started" button to learn more and get a demo of Xyla ASO reporting.

Check out this free Android ASO Tool, along with the iOS ASO tool and share it if you find it useful!

Sample Showing Korean Keyword Optimization

xyla Android aso keyword tool keywords Korean language

Xyla Exponential Keyword Scoring Report Sample

Xyla ASO keyword reporting