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Simple Screenshot Uploading to iTunes Connect

Gregory Klein | August 20, 2023

Feature image credit: Apple iTunes Connect

For a long time, one of the biggest pain points in the process of getting an app onto the App Store was uploading all of the screenshots for users to see while viewing the app's listing. My favorite service out there for making the work involved a bit less tedious is LauchKit. Interestingly enough, they were just acquired by Google and also have an updated pricing model.

On August 8th, Apple announced that they were simplifying the screenshot submission process so that it now only requires one set of screenshots to be submitted – the uploaded images will be reused across all device families. I think that this is an effort to make the App Store a little more cohesive in terms of the screenshots that are displayed from listing to listing.

The Bottom Line: It is now easier to upload screenshots to iTunes Connect, reducing the need for a third party service that makes the work less time consuming. In turn, listings will probably start to look more uniform in terms of the screenshots used for showcasing an app.