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ASO Tool Mobile Action Creates Search Ads UI

Gabe Kwakyi | November 8, 2023

Count it! It's been one month after Apple search ads launched, and there is now a platform for seeing your search ads data outside of Apple's UI, just released by Mobile Action.

Mobile Action's UI solves for a few pain points given Apple's UI is prone to slow loading and errors, and also because advertisers must drill-down into a campaign to see ad groups and keywords, but can't see a groups/keywords across all campaigns.

Mobile Action's blog posts references "a lot more useful features" coming soon; this search ads integration will probably soon be followed by:

  • A single view for seeing ASO organic + search ads keywords data (ranking, search popularity, # apps, chance %, notes, etc.)
  • Presence of competitors on keywords (confirmed by the MA team).
  • Perhaps even a way to estimate how many installs/cost would be needed to achieve a top 10 rank, too.

Setup does require the tedious step of creating a search ads API certificate and uploading that to Mobile Action, rather than signing in with iTunes Connect for ASO, but this step is pretty straightforward if you are able to create API users.

The Bottom Line: ASO tool Mobile Action launches a search ads integration to show data from campaigns outside of Apple's UI, which solves some Apple UI pain and helps advertisers better manage their ASO + search ads strategies.

Original Source: Mobile Action Blog