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New Apple Search Ads Features October 2017

Gabe Kwakyi | October 4, 2023

Updated 10.13.17

One year later, Apple has released two dearly needed features: change history reporting and deletion of search ads entities, like inactive campaigns!

By clicking the clock icon you can see:

  • The date and time of a change
  • The user who made the change
  • Activity, which includes a list of change details for each entity changed (but not the before/after status if there are more than one entities changed)
  • Ad group name

By clicking actionsremove, you can now delete campaigns and ad groups. But be aware that one of Apple's rules is that you must have at least one active ad group in a campaign.

apple search ads delete feature

The entity deletion is a big one, but leaves the ability to delete keywords. Updates aside, Apple has not addressed many other requests from the industry, including low-hanging fruit such as:

  • Advertising IAP
  • Providing suggested bid
  • Filtering by performance

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