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Apple Search Ads Platform Update 4.5.17

Gabe Kwakyi | April 5, 2023

It appears that an earlier service outage preceded a minor platform update, with Apple now allowing Apple Search Ads users to duplicate entities. Duplicating entities is accessed via the blue actions drop-down menu.

This update seems limited to just the ability to duplicate ad groups, keywords, and negative keywords. The ability to delete, change match types or make bulk bid changes are still pointedly missing (as is the ability to duplicate campaigns). 

If you try duplicating ad groups into the same campaign, they will have "-Duplicate" appended to the end of the ad group name. If you try to duplicate keywords into the same ad group, you will encounter the aptly named error message "CN.ERROR.ADGROUP_SELECTOR.INVALID_SELECTION."

Duplicate Keywords

Keyword Duplication Success

Duplicate Ad Groups

Select Ad Groups Duplication Destination

Ad Group Duplication Success


The bottom line: while this update is a minor one, it offers hope for larger updates in the future and proves that Apple is engaged in improving its Search Ads platform.


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