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Apple App Store to introduce “For You” tab

Bryan Sharpe | August 6, 2016

Apple’s App Store is a money-printing operation, generating $14.7 billion for developers and earning Apple itself about $6 billion in 2015. If the App Store were a ...

iTunes Connect Impressions: App Analytics Update

Gabe Kwakyi | June 15, 2016

Learn about iTunes Connect impressions, which can be found in the App Analytics dashboard and product page view data and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in app store ...

Apple Unveils App Store Search Ads – App Marketers Rejoice

Gabe Kwakyi | June 9, 2016

Feature image credit to Apple: Search Ads – App Store – Apple Developer Welcome to the Future of iOS App Marketing On  June 8th Apple announced a series of changes ...